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5 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Happiness Begins with you! Can you honestly say you love yourself? Once you love and value who you are, only then can you receive the love you truly deserve. Here are some tips to begin loving yourself:

1. Enjoy spending time with YOU!- Learn to enjoy your own company. Find joy in doing things by yourself. I found great joy and empowerment by going out to dinner by myself. At first it was strange, but now I enjoy it.

2. Forgiveness- Learn to forgive yourself. Reflect on mistakes or poor choices you made in the past. Forgive yourself for these choices, and move on! Forgiveness leads to acceptance and love. Once you have accomplished this skill, you will feel increased self worth and of course, LOVE!

3. Self Trust- Many of us doubt or second guess our actions. Trust in your own gut instincts. You ultimately know whats best for you.

4. Your Value- you are valuable and have tons of amazing skills. Recognize your attributes and celebrate these accomplishments!

5. Journal- Start writing down your thoughts and feeling towards certain situations and events. You can review how you reacted to certain actions. This a great exercise in removing negativity and all negative responses. Now you can focus on the positive lessons learned even from a bad experience

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